Saturday, August 2, 2014


Da roosta crow, me no wanna go!  Thought we might walk to Ka'anapali early morning and do some snorkeling but the waves were breaking hard on the shore and the sun was beating down with no break by the time we got underway. Let’s just do it some udder day, we say. 

So it was a slow morning after our eventful evening.  We did grab some apple bananas at the market; you know we are addicted to those things!  We needed to replenish the pineapple bread and passion fruit cream cheese supply as well.  Hot sun and humidity made the main part of our day a blur.  But I remember a nap, chasing waves down the beach and watching turtles body surf.  We needed some ono grindz come lunch.  Hoofed it to the fish company for their delicious Baja fish tacos.  Thinking ahead to dinner, we didn’t want to eat out again, so we grabbed some yellow fin tuna to grill.  How much fish does one have to consume before one becomes a fish?  Don’ know and don’ care, gonna eat it all whi’ I here. Grabbed a free smoothie on the way home.  The farmer’s market gives us a free smoothie for every $25 we spend, SUCKERS!  Papaya, pineapple, banana and coconut is called a tropical breeze; a refreshing fruity treat! They have 5 or 6 other varieties, we may try them all.  Dinner was noteworthy tonight, grilled tuna with a ginger garlic soy butter sauce, more rice, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms and a green salad with tiny grape tomatoes in a Maui onion mustard vinaigrette.  I have not seared Ahi recently, so it was a tad done, next time we’ll cut the cooking time in half, but it was still lovely! 

Haven’t written much about our fellow Kulakane guest recently.  We have lovely next-door neighbors, again from Canada.  They are divers, so we get to hear about their daring dives into the depths each evening when they return.  We also have some renegades here right now.  Yesterday morning they were cussing loudly around the pool at 8 am.  We were up, but not for that.  Last night they ran up and down the stairs near midnight, making the loudest footfalls possible, as if they were so drunk they could only tell where they were going with echolocation.  Today they congregated by the pool drinking from beer bottles at noon despite the clearly posted “no glass by the pool” rule.

The drunkest of them decided to go snorkeling with the turtles in the dicey surf while his compatriots yelled at him from the sea wall to coach him about the location of the honus.  Luckily the little one swam off, the bigger one swam with him for a while telegraphing, “Dude, chill!” His girl friend, by his side in the waves and also tipsy, got raked across the coral and suffered from “rock burn” as she put it.  They capped the evening playing touch football in the tiny pool.  So they are having fun but we prefer to watch from a safe distance. 

Thus we skipped Friday Night pupus poolside, not too eager to hang out with this rowdy crowd.  Instead we headed down the road to Java Jazz to meet up with some of the local musicians we met last night.  We had some dessert and a couple of drinks while we listened in.  The band invited Greg to sit in on bass for the last set.  It was nice to find a venue that is less than 10 minutes walking from our place.  We were home by 10:30, plenty of time for a good night’s sleep before my early morning long run tomorrow.

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