Friday, August 8, 2014

All is well that ends well

There was a steady rain falling when we woke this morning, I debated going for a run, fearing we’d be shut in over the next few days due to poor weather but opted to sleep in anyway.  One of my favorite things is sleeping to the sound of gently falling rain.  As it turned out, the rain did let up after we had our coffee and hot cereal with banana and passion fruit pulp.  We decided to do one last bit of prepping for the storm. We have a flashlight but thought we’d feel better having a few extra batteries.  Another thought was that since it was getting on toward lunch time, we should get one more round of our favorite fish tacos while the Fish Market was still open and have them send us home with some seafood chowder for dinner. As we walked back from our outing, winds picked up to playful levels and we were glad to be home. But we found that after lunch, clouds were parting again, and we spent a little time in the sun by the pool.

The title of this post popped into our minds again this afternoon, as I sat at the seawall enjoying the intermittent sunshine still waiting for signs of the eminent storm.  I heard a joyful shout down the beach and saw a man wielding a metal detector triumphantly thrust his fist into the air, and with cries of relief and joy a man, then a woman, gave him great big hugs.  We had watched this drama unfold all afternoon.  While enjoying some pool time after lunch, we had watched this couple scrambling from the beach, to the pool deck, turning over all their belongings in both places.  The woman had misplaced her wedding rings.  They asked if we happened to have a metal detector, we didn’t but we felt awfully bad as the woman cried as she explained she’d lost her wedding rings on the beach.  We later overheard that they called a man whose job it was to find lost jewelry.  He was an hour away but was going to make the drive even with a storm coming.  The sad lady kept crying in her lounge chair, while her consoling husband wiped her tears and rubbed her shoulders.  She bobbed helplessly in the pool, her face the epitome of desperation.  It hurt my heart to see someone so crestfallen.  Luckily within 30 seconds of the arrival of metal detector guy, the rings were back on her finger and her husband was running up and down the lawn in front of the lanais letting concerned neighbors know the rings had been found!  As metal detector guy made his way back across the lawn, greeted with cheers and thumbs up signs, “Crisis averted, folks!” he crowed, beaming in the light of his hero’s welcome.  So, as we wait for the storm to show its stuff on the shores of Maui, meanwhile we are enjoying a sunny afternoon by the pool.  Hoping the result of the storm will reflect the cheerful sentiment of this title.

AND IT BEGINS???…. at 5:45 the island of Molokai, which is always visible, even if the loftier hills are cloud shrouded, completely disappeared!  A heavy fog rolled across the water. At 5:50 the sky opened up.  Poor Greg was taking out our dinner trash and got soaked.  A day that was punctuated with high white clouds, partial sun, and light wind finally gave way to the storm we had been watching for warily. Maybe? Or was this a false start?  At 6:20pm the rain slowed to a trickle, the clouds parted and blue sky peeked out of the dense clouds. We’ve had our share of rainbows during our stay and today was no exception.  Sun and rain simultaneously are bound to produce a colorful display if you look around.  Our trickle had stopped by 6:30 and we had a rainless sunset, conches blowing, turtles chilling on the beach.  Still quiet at 8:30, the forecasts have said Maui should expect the storm hit at 9, but on the news there is a lull in the storm on the big island, so we don’t know what to expect, afraid we’ll have to go to bed before the storm arrives.  As we get sleepy on the couch, watching an old episode of the Golden Girls, the surf is quiet and calm outside our window.  So I guess for today it’s true.  All IS well that ends well! 

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