Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Music to our ears

I didn’t wake up to the sound of a conventional alarm clock this morning. With the time change I was stirring at 4am, but decided to sleep in and felt well rested at sunrise when that intoxicating smell of Plummeria flowers wafted in our window along with a gentle bird song punctuated by the crows of a distant rooster.  That is my kind of wake up call! 

Greg and I went for a quick one-mile run up Lower Honoapil’ilani and found many other runners on the road at this hour of the morning.  It was balmy and we were sweaty but the humidity wasn’t too oppressive at 6:30 am.  After a quick breakfast of coconut vanilla crème kefir and coconut almond granola, we were walking south on Lower H to the farmer’s market which opens at 7am.  We filled our cloth bags with Maui onion, butter lettuce, ginger, avocado, yams, papaya, pineapple, and more.  We even bought some locally made mustard and macadamia nut oil to make our own salad dressing with. 

After all the rain yesterday the water was choppy, so no snorkeling today, but we wanted to rent our flippers so we’ll be ready to go when the weather clears. We saw our first honu (Hawaiian Sea Turtle) before we headed off to the dive shop this morning.  I spotted some dark flippers in the water while gazing out our sliding glass doors, we walked the 20 paces to the sea wall and couldn’t quite tell what we were seeing 50 yards off shore, but when we looked down at the first reef, less than 5 yards off shore, there was a big old honu munching on some seaweed.

Back from Boss Frog’s dive shop, flippers in hand, we decided to clean up and get ready to hit the road. Since we wouldn’t be going in the ocean today and we have the rental car this week, we decided to drive into Wailuku and shop for a ukulele for Greg.  After my shower, I found Greg at the sea wall chatting with some of our neighbors.  4 honus were having their mid- morning snack right off our shore! Inspired by the turtles enjoying their mid-morning snack, we noshed on some farmer’s market pineapple bread spread with passion fruit cream cheese. Freshly bathed and groomed for travel, we were off!

After the beautiful drive to Wailuku, our mid-morning snack was wearing off, so we stopped into one of our favorite places, Stillwell’s, to spilt a sandwich on their fresh baked bread and admired the pastry case as we ate.  Apparently the ocean air makes us hungry!

The uke shop was just next-door.  The helpful luthier showed us many options, Koa wood, Mahogany, concert size or tenor.  I think both Greg and I knew when we saw THE ONE.  We kept looking at all the options and there were so many beautiful choices and all of the instruments sounded amazing.  In the end, the highly figured Koa that captured our eyes with its beauty and our ears with its tone won out.  We took some photos but left it to have a pick up installed and then snuck back next door to grab a mini lilikoi (passion fruit) cheesecake to take home for desert. 

On the ride back to the west side, the way our rental lurched in 1st gear was getting concerning to Greg, so we stopped at the local Budget location to see if they could put our fears to rest.  The helpful woman on duty explained that the Ford Focus tends to be a bit jerky but when Greg described how it was driving, she graciously offered, “I’m gonna put you in a Chevy.”   So now were driving a dark grey Sonic!  It is a much smoother ride! 

Back in our neighborhood we visited the Fish Market and got some Monchong and a honey soy marinade.  We visited with neighbors and observed 5 more honus from the sea wall.  We grilled our fish and ate it with a butter lettuce salad with crushed macadamia nuts and a the dressing I dreamed up earlier today along with baked yams with a pat of cultured butter.  We ate on the lanai as the sun set and took a brief walk on the beach as the clouds turned pink; just another day in paradise.  

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