Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lazy Day

Did you think we might be tired after my morning run, our choppy snorkeling, riding the bus for the first time and walking several miles home late last night?  Well, we were!  We slept in for the first time past eight!  We managed to slap on some hats and hoof it to the farmer’s market because we were running dangerously low on apple bananas. We also did a morning exploration of a half-mile quadrant of our neighborhood. 

Yesterday Greg had read that Ono Kau Kau served breakfast all day, which is something we always delight in, especially if we are having a lazy day.  Though it was probably only 10 when we got there, we were excited to try the local breakfast.  Meat, eggs, and rice.  The gateway meat of all vegetarians, bacon, swayed me. Greg was curious about the Portuguese sausage. Our waitress in this four-table dive (I say that with the utmost respect and adoration for this joint, no time spent on ambiance or d├ęcor, just good food) couldn’t really describe the sausage, so one of the local ladies at the table by the door took it upon herself to explain it as a spicy kielbasa.  She encouraged Greg to try it.  He did.  We had our eggs over medium and they came on so much white rice we took it home for dinner.  The simplicity of this meal is where it’s brilliance lies.  The ladies by the door told us the chef is one of the best in the area, had been to China to train other chefs.  We should come back for the noodles she said.  We will!  Not only was the food simple and delicious, it is outrageously affordable by Maui standards. 

Onward we wandered.  We checked out the dive shop, stopped into the fish market, and browsed a beachwear shop.  We packed very light and I’m finding that I wish I had more flowy loungewear.  Something that could take me to the BBQ grill and out to sunset with a modicum of modesty but in turn be cool and light enough for the sticky weather.  Haven’t found what I’m looking for yet. 

Back at the condo our day passed in this fashion.  Read by the pool, eat, nap, read by the pool, play ukulele, nap, eat, and chill.  We may finally be figuring out the island rhythm and it is a slow, slow beat. 

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